Believing Prayer

Upset our routines

Our Father in Heaven, make happen among us what will edify the church, strengthen it in truth, and give it impetus for the gospel.

Shake loose our fears, upset our routines, open our eyes to the needs of our neighbors.

We thank you for food and drink, for homes and rest, for work and times of enjoyment.

Help us open our lives to the risk of the gospel, to the willingness of intimacy, to the communion of saints, to the entry of problematic people into our comfort.

Enrich our lives with the salvation of souls, the joy of your family, the hope of eternal communion with you.

Why Do I Hesitate?

To serve a neighbor, let self be forsaken,
Give eyes to see, to needs awaken;
You sent your Son, your love abounds,
Your grace descends, your care surrounds;
Why do I then so hesitate,
God, move me — help me not be late.

Show us the future of our hope

Lord, let my mind and soul rest in you, be refreshed in the Spirit, be renewed in the strength of Christ.

Father, reach for your children who are weak, who struggle with doubts, sin, or offenses, who lose sight of the way, who are overwhelmed by the power of the enemy, who feel alone in their faith.

God of spirits, make us holy and devout, infuse us with a sense of your presence, sweep away all resistance in our mind, show us the future of our hope.

I’ve Said It

I trust you — There! I’ve said it!
The future — how I dread it!
I know not what’s ahead
Beyond my daily bread.

I need you — How I feel it!
The devil mustn’t steal it!
He says you’re not for real,
He’d rob me of my zeal.

I love you — I need to say it!
For yours, I cannot weigh it!
Your reign is why I pray,
To come the final day.

Be Near Us

Be near us, God of me and mine,
Show yourself as Lord sublime,
Protect, defend, and bless this day,
Uphold our hands upon your Way.

Careless with the gospel

Put my mind behind the eyes of my neighbor, dear God, that I might see from his perspective and have insight in how to speak to him and reach him for eternal salvation.

At the same time, let me be, to a point, careless with the gospel, seeking to share it at every moment, with every person, regardless of their station in life.

Give me compassion for all. Increase my love for your creation and for your word.

Move us forward in our own walk with you and in service to our fellow man.

In all, O Lord, may you be glorified in us.

Glorify the Saints Abroad

Save them, Lord, from sin and shame,
Save them for your glorious name,
Save them from the devil’s snare,
Save them in Christ from hell’s despair.

Sanctify the brethren’s hands,
Sanctify their godly plans,
Sanctify and on them press
Your merciful love and holiness.

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Impatient for the Perfect Form

Heal me, make me whole at once,
Raise my eyes to righteousness,
And show me my full share of grace.

Upon the power in Jesus’ path,
Launch forward my small faith and hope,
To touch the needy with times of peace.

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You must

I do not know the way, O Lord. You must show me.

I’m ignorant of your desires and pleasure. You must tell me.

I’ve no idea of how to live. You must guide me.

I lack the words to speak to others. You must give them to me.

I have no wisdom to succeed in life. You must enlighten me.

Power and Focus

In perfect measure, at pondered time,
You move and act and make from naught
Creations of your earnest heart.

My wandering thoughts need One direction,
Give power from heaven, point of focus,
And lasting fruit for lavish praise.

Righteousness Will Reign Supreme

Confused the mind when fixed upon earth,
And earthly things turn eyes from heaven.
I’d see, O Lord, your saints abide
In eternal homes, where titles are dead,
And Mammon has lost its mad control,
Where love is pure, and labor is sweet.

What joys must circle our jealous Lord!
What peace surrounds your powerful Head!
Your kingdom at last will come to all,
That day that evil’s cast down to hell,
And righteousness will reign supreme,
The sea no more, in justice’ calm.

God of all

God of all satisfaction, we don’t even know what we want. Let us find our true desire in you and the fulfillment of every need in your presence. Let our contentment be the guide to others who live in daily frustration.

God of all grace, thank you that your salvation has reached us. Use us so that this grace reaches all people. Continue reading

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