Made in your image

Father, you made us in your image.
And when we defaced it, you sent your Son, in the fullness of time, to restore it.
You love us and sacrificed for our good.
You sent your Spirit to help us and gave us your Word.
We accept, O Lord, your grace.
Keep us from denying your love.
Keep us from believing the lie that we are worthless.
We rejoice in your kindness and patience.
We confess our need and therefore we seek your Kingdom.
In Jesus’ name we pray and praise you. Amen.

Arms of love

Our Father in Heaven,

You sent your only Son to earth,
to stretch out arms of love on the cross
and receive the sins of the whole world.
He took upon himself our suffering.

Now anyone who wills can come
within reach of your saving embrace.
Hope and faith and life
can now be had by all.

So clothe us in your Holy Spirit,
so that we your humble servants,
reaching forth our hands in love
and sharing words of compassion and truth,
may bring those who do not know you
into your Kingdom of light and love.

Be glorified in us
as you glorify your name
in Christ. Amen.

I do not pray this for you

I do not pray that God will remove all your troubles, but that you will find in them motive for growth and thanksgiving for his goodness.

I do not pray that you will have an easy way of it, but that you will be given strength for each step and learn dependence upon the Almighty.

I do not pray that you will be saved from the sorrows of this world, but that you will find comfort in the arms of the Heavenly Father. Continue reading

Deserving Father

Our Father, you deserve
at all times to be praised
by happy voices raising
to the heaven of heavens.

Be glorified, O Son,
who gives eternal life,
through all the world of man,
to every distant isle.

What Spirit now abides
in hearts that hear your Word,
transforming earthly souls,
preparing them for you!

Among your joyful people,
we serve and speak and sing,
en route to enter your gates,
with praises on our tongues.

True and Living God

Sovereign God of heaven and earth:

You are God, the true and living God,
You are light and love, compassion and power,
You are everywhere and near,
Always present in my life.

You are God, creator of all,
God who leads and opens the way,
God who wins our hardest battle,
Always blessing your humble children.

Over body, heart and soul,
Reign and rule in Kingdom grace,
God of me and Lord of mine,
Let me see in heaven your face.

In Christ the Lord and Savior, I pray, Amen.

Wisdom Beckons

Wisdom beckons each new day,
The rising sun enlightens;
If only knowledge held its sway
For when the darkness threatens.

Each morning calls to shine anew,
With fresh and vibrant colors,
To ponder life in changing hue,
And all of God’s vast wonders.

Creator God, with power alive,
Shine on us with your mercy;
May we in light of blessing thrive
And praise your Name right early.

Steps Toward Righteousness

Our Father in Heaven, by whom a single word
Brings light and worlds to exist, and souls to life,
We thank you for our steps toward righteousness,
A daily journey, from grace to greater grace.

To us it seems a distance toward your presence,
But you remind us you are always near,
And close to all your sons and daughters of faith,
Directing, guiding, guarding all the way.

To you we sing: Holy, holy, holy!
And thank you for your love and patient mercy.
O Savior! Give us patience with ourselves,
And none with sin, in our walk with you.