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Things don’t look good

Lord, from the limited vision of my perch, things don’t look good for the near future, in politics, economy, and society. It looks like Christians will have a harder time of it. They might be tempted to draw back from their efforts to proclaim the Good News in all the world.

But you know all things, you see every maneuver and hidden scheme of mankind. And you can change the course of events in the blink of an eye. You can raise up people and bring down those on high. And you listen to our prayers.

Father, we ask on behalf of your saints and your mission in this world. Do what will be the greatest blessing, what will serve best your kingdom. In our shortsightedness, it seems it would be best to bring new, decent people to take countries in crisis forward for good progress. Create space for such as these, raise up men and women who can point the way to a moral stance and to a society that treats all equally.

Above all, let us seek to be just, righteous, compassionate, and loving, especially to those in the family of faith. Help us to know that among your children you have established that perfect society. Thank you that we are already a part of this spiritual nation. Let us be more diligent in our efforts to show others that it is here, in the body of Christ, where you create the community that demonstrates your character and conduct.

O Savior, Come to Us

Eternal God, Lord over all, the One
To whom we owe both life and breath,
Reveal your love to us in the Son,
To know its height and width and depth.

O Savior, come to us, abide
In mercy with your humble creatures;
Your words of power our surest guide,
Your many works our able teachers.

For us your presence is all we need,
Our only good and pure delight;
Upon your healthy grace we feed,
To keep our holy Lord in sight.

10 reasons to give thanks today

Thanks be to God

  1. For another day of life, full of blessing, full of your presence.
  2. For the opportunities you constantly present to us; help us to see and take advantage of them.
  3. For good study resources and encouraging literature.
  4. For the message of the Bible that always instructs, inspires, and empowers us.
  5. For the power of the mind, and the gift of creativity.
  6. For free will to choose our way and the many good options to use our day.
  7. For gifts of service, that allow us to glorify your name.
  8. For sustaining life, providing necessities, offering meaningful work, allowing opportunity of employment.
  9. For your sovereign rule that guides the affairs of men toward your final goal, regardless of the evil plans and injustice of rulers and governors.
  10. For friends who love at all times, for brothers and sisters in Christ who encourage in faith, for saints whose examples remind us of our Lord and Savior.

Help me today to speak directly and appropriately to the needs of others, about the solution found always in Christ.

In the End

In the end, there’s only you and me,
For all the love that flowed endlessly
Among my closest friends and family,
Standing on the sands of a timeless sea.

Gifts and gladness filled my days and years,
You gave me strength to overcome my fears,
You taught me through the trials and bitter tears,
With faith that lasts until the darkness clears.

Final words are hard to choose and say,
Knowing there’ll not be another day,
With awe I take the very last step this way,
To live a life beyond this mortal clay.

What yet can be, for all man lost and cried,
A place to rest, where peace and joy abide;
You’ve walked with me, always by my side,
Go with me now to cross the great divide.

I want to live his life

Lord God who makes himself present among his people, thank you for coming in the person of Jesus Christ. I want to be in him. I want to live his life, having died his death. Prepare that eternal place for me, as I obey and welcome your habitation with me now.

Make today a day of joy and progress for the kingdom. Make this day a day of grace and love. Bring to us your power and truth.

Forgive and give us strength to resist temptation. Thank you for the victory in Christ. Let us keep our eyes on the resurrection, that makes all our efforts here worthwhile.

The Lonely Soul

The lonely soul, O Lord, has none
of your glorious Self, or else is blind
to Nearness.

Make us see the One who came
from Heaven and works among us still
in power.

Make us hear his call to love,
to seek the lonely as he himself
is seeking.

To the Top I Thought

To the top I thought I’d claw
My way back to resume my place,
Only to find that you, O Lord, had lifted me
On wings of eagles, quickly, lightly,
And set me upon a wide space,
Giving me a 360-degree view,
The sun shining warm upon my face,
The spring-time breeze after winter’s thaw.

When Close to Eternal Lands

When comes the time to breathe my last,
To pillow my head and rest,
Make all my deeds and doings past
To have been the Kingdom’s best.

Upon a work let me look back
That glorifies the Lord,
In my resolve no fault or crack,
In heaven my treasures stored.

Give strength, O Lord, to heart and hands,
No cause to stumble or fall,
May I, when close to eternal lands,
Be ready to heed your call.

My Search

‘Tis common sense the world lauds,
Above the follies of the fool,
But I seek wisdom that is God’s,
As that one worthy, precious jewel.

O Lord, from you discernment I ask,
As I make righteousness my task.

Our Short Attention Span

Our short attention span
limits to what we can
do and pray and think —
our mind the weakest link.

Give strength to our soft mind,
O Lord, that we might find
the truth and apply today
your wisdom, without delay.

With Selfies Obsessed

With selfies is the world obsessed —
Appearance — figures that look the best —
The eye sees only flesh and youth,
The painted nail, the whitened tooth;
From beauty’s love, O Lord, protect —
It fails to see the worth of the soul —
The Spirit’s fruit in me perfect,
Where Jesus’ face is captured whole.

I Most Believe the Fear I Feel

What windows look upon your face,
Through darkest hour and hardest race,
Where can we see the upward turn? —
Your sovereign hand we’d soon discern.

I see the waves and howling wind,
The chilly vale where men walk blind,
And fail, in swelling pride, to heal —
I most believe the fear I feel.

Till Jesus comes, will I have faith?
Or will I be an object of wrath?
My will to endure, O Lord, is small —
Along the way let me not fall.

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