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Desire and Aim

Your way of wisdom, Lord, is my desire,
Your love of man, O God, I would acquire;
In holiness, like you I strive to live,
With free and generous heart, teach me to give.

To be like you, my Savior, my only aim,
To never end a day as I was, the same;
Perfect me, draw me upward, into the light,
To dwell forever upon your city’s height.

Sure of Your Good Will

Regardless, Lord, of this world’s worst,
In spite of evil and harm and ill,
Let us be sure of your good will,
And always put your kingdom first.

Let none spurn faith, let none ask why
You cause the innocent early to die;
Instead, may we all marvel how,
In patience, you let us live until now.

On Principle Let Me Stand

O Lord, remove from me that flat desire
To free myself, like cunning Pilate, to please
The clamoring crowd, and cowardly fearing the ire
Of others, making political moves to appease
The popular demand. On principle let me stand:
Commitment to Christ, forever faithful, strong
In truth, to suffer for love, the Word in hand —
My eyes on you, the Lord whose patience is long.

We Fall, with Faces to the Ground

Our Father in Heaven, your hand is out
To give redemption to fallen souls;
Obedient faith brings full remission
Of sins, to find in Jesus’ blood
The hope of life, that holy love
Whose boundless height cannot be measured,
Nor depth or width or length or cost.
Our human praises fail the price
You paid to pull us back to you.
We fall, with faces to the ground,
In all humility, in reverent fear —
The thought that you came near to us!

Guide me in your truth

Guide me in your truth and teach me,
for you are God my Savior,
and my hope is in you all day long. Psa 25.5

Guide me in your truth and teach me,
You are God, I lean upon you;
Only mercy now can reach me,
All day long my hope is in you.

I’ve no sense of truth or justice,
No notion of what is good and right;
You, O God, are guide and compass,
For my path the constant light.

The Prayer of Psalm 143.10

Teach me to do what pleases you,
For you are my God, in whom I stand;
Let your good Spirit work anew
To lead me into a level land.

Our Senses Flee

Surrounded by technology,
From you, O God, our senses flee;
No longer can we see the stars
From concrete cages, electronic bars.

Where time is money and truth is death,
Where power is success’s shibboleth,
Where work and sex make man a slave;
From these, O Lord, I pray you save.

The in-and-when prayer

In pain, be our salve, O Lord.

In confusion, cut through to clarity.

When our hearts fail us, give us cheer and courage.

In the face of betrayal, let us find Jesus.

When exhaustion weighs upon us, energize our limbs.

In hurry, slow us down to your speed.

In sin, free us and bind us to yourself.

The window-screen prayer

Lord, thank you for the screens going up on our windows, and the screen door being installed in the kitchen, to help keep the house cool this summer, and the bugs from entering.

Help us keep our minds well screened, to prevent evil thoughts from entering and to keep temptation from overcoming us. Let our hearts be aerated by your Spirit, our souls protected by your Word, our wills reinforced by each step we take toward fulfilling your will in our lives.

Everything we want

Father, everything we want to see happen in this world — justice, peace, prosperity, joy, love — is contained in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We desire and pray for a peaceful and and quiet life in our respective cities and countries. We pray that persecution, when it comes, may not cause us to question our faith.

Let our constancy be firm, our kindness always evident, our love unwavering in the face of hatred, meanness, and evil.

Let no one rob us of our joy in Christ.

Every day unique

Father, just as every person is different from all the other human beings who have ever lived, or who will ever exist, so every day brings its own uniqueness.

Help me to know how to rejoice in these daily varieties and to see in them the richness of your goodness.

Show me the special opportunties that each day brings, the challenges that I face, the people and their thoughts and feelings at this point in time.

Let me be aware.

Sometimes it seems that the days are repetitive, but so many details are different: food, sleep, work, people, weather, events, timing. Such things come together to make today a far different one than all the others that have come before. With those differences come great blessings!

And, Lord, I look forward to that eternal day that will be different not only in detail but in kind.

To Hear Another’s Need

Father, let me set aside my thoughts
To hear — really hear — my neighbor’s heart;
Let mine be genuine love that promotes
Acceptance, understanding of joy and hurt.

With harsh and mean opinion, let judgment cease —
I’d look upon the other as fellow prey
Of Satan, fellow goal of grace, remiss
In holiness, where mercy and patience apply.

To hear another’s need, I must assume
My own — confess, in all humility,
That I as well require, in your good time,
O Lord, a kind, expansive maturity.

In me make love unselfish and complete,
As you bless both the righteous and unjust;
Let prejudice meet, at last, its full defeat,
And victory come to meekness, as it must.

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