The Psalms that teach us about prayer

We have all had the frustration of being misunderstood. Our words were heard, but either we used the wrong words, or the hearer misconstrued the meaning. That never happens in Prayer. God will not only “Give ear to my words,” he will also “Consider my Meditation.” That is, he will think about what we think about. But even more, God will “hearken unto the voice of my cry.” God knows what we say, how we think, and how we feel. The Psalms that teach us about prayer teach us about God (Psalm 5:1-2).

Bill Boyd

Lord, it’s easy to live without objectives

We acknowledge, Lord, that it’s easy to live without objectives. It takes nothing, nothing but indifference and indolence. God, help us to sit down and set some objectives, some goals. If, no more than to know You and teach Your Word, that others may be fed and grow, to start there. Whatever it is, Father, help us to set a goal, the energy, the spirit, to go at the courage of conviction, to pay any price. –John Macarthur

Come live with me, Your Omnipresence

Bible brings us GodLead me, Lord, and I will follow.
Love, me, Father, then I’ll love again.
Purify me, O Holy One, to make me clean.
Come live with me, Your Omnipresence, and I’ll draw near to the lonely.
Strengthen me, Omnipotent God, so I may brace the weak.
Teach me, Omniscient Knower, and give me words to speak.
Fulfill in me your will, Finisher of Plans, that I might run the whole race.
Guide me, Purest Light, in my next step.