Believing Prayer

Month: May 2011

Let me store up your word in my heart

O God who speaks, keep me aware of your word as being central to my faith and service. Let me store it up in my heart, that I might obey you and keep sin away. Let it transform me as I ponder its meaning and apply it to my daily walk with you.

May my message to the world be organized

My God, may my message to the world be organized around the Lordship of Jesus, and myself as a slave to others, for his sake.

Making prayer personal

We should ask God for help in overcoming temptation and not be afraid to give specific problematic situations (1 Cor. 10:13). If you are battling with something personally, go to God about it. If a situation has developed in the congregation that has the potential to create problems, pray about it in public.

Does all of this require more thought? Sure. That’s what makes it meaningful. The truth is that generic prayers reflect a generic relationship with a generic God. If we truly seek a personal relationship with a personal God, this will be reflected in the personal character of our prayers.

Kevin W. Rhodes

May my words be only those you give me

Heavenly Father, may my words be only those you give me, and my actions be those which honor the Son. May our worship be in spirit and in truth, our message faithful to the gospel. Through these may we have unity with one another, for sake of the kingdom.

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