Make today the day of reconciliation

Father of all mercies, thank you for renewing our lives through sleep and through this new day.

We awaken with the certainty of your presence and blessing.

You never leave us alone, as long as we walk in the light.

We pray for those who are alone and for those who feel lonely.

Let us remove ourselves from our own concerns to be friendly to them and to introduce them to You.

Make today the day of reconciliation.

Because Christ brought us together. Amen.

Make Me Prevail

Bless me, Lord, that I might do
  Great things for You;
Against the evils that assail
  Make me prevail.

Against King Saul who sought to still
  The lyre and kill
The shepherd-soldier, David stayed
  His hand and blade.

The Chosen's life let no one take
  For justice' sake;
The flying spear You timely send—
  Saul met his end.

While foes remain, make enemies sleep,
  In slumber deep;
As You gave David victory,
  So do for me.

by J. Randal Matheny. Bible reference: 1 Samuel 26, especially verse 25.