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The grandest project of all time

Thank you, sovereign God, for making me a part of your plan, for putting your word in my mouth, for allowing me to participate in the grandest project of all time, the rescue and transformation of souls.

To think that through your plan of salvation we touch eternity and extend the reach of your reign into more and more lives is nothing short of amazing.

Help us to be worthy of your calling, dependent on your strength, faithful to your truth, deposited in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

For those in grief and despair

For those who reel from deepest grief,
Who cannot see the budding leaf,
For those consumed by sharp despair,
For these we make our daily prayer.

Let me listen

Lord, let me listen with all my faculties to your word, that I might practice it fully.

Let me also listen with focused attention to those around me.

By listening to both, help me to bring those I hear to listen to you. Amen.

Drudgery on Mondays

Father, lift up the eyes of those who see only drudgery on Mondays. Help them to see the promise of the new day, the opportunity of serving God and neighbor, the sweetness of the early morning, the renewal of life and love.

First day

First day, exciting day, a rousing day for praise,
For worship, building up the church, this special Day of days.
Give words, O Savior, fitting words, to bless your blessed name,
Surrounded by the worthy saints, I’ll never be the same!

The coming day

Lord, give me strength to greet
The coming day in peace;
Keep firm my moving feet,
Make all good fruit increase.

Remind me of your will,
On your light I rely,
To none may I do ill,
But good to passersby.


Hear, O God, my night’s confessions

For those sins that I recall,
That today I have committed,
Please, O Lord, forgive them all,
In the Blood to be acquitted.

Not for these alone I plead,
But for those unknown transgressions,
Cover all my ignorant need,
Hear, O God, my night’s confessions.

If you give another day,
May I live the Master’s orders,
By the Spirit’s holy sway,
Joyful in his ample borders.


When we grow faint and frail

When we grow faint and frail,
Let not our tempers flare,
Let not our tongue come untied,
Let trials not cause despair.

Keep the cord from fraying,
Keep our feet from straying,
Keep our wills from swaying,
Be our certain strength and guide.

The flesh is weak and weary,
Our eyes are tired and teary,
The path is dry and dreary,
Let your power in us prevail.


For those destroyed by other’s sins

Loving Lord, we pray for those whose humanity is destroyed by the sins of others:

  • for children and spouses and family of addicts,
  • for people maimed and killed by drunk or careless drivers,
  • for those imprisoned in the sex trade and prostitution,
  • for innocent victims of war and soldiers suffering trauma,
  • for citizens oppressed by their governments.

Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer, may your restoring gospel reach them, to give them life and hope. Put us in the way of such as these, that we might serve them. In Christ’s name, Amen.

As we read Scripture

O God, you have promised that your word will not return to you void. As we read Scripture tonight, may your Spirit give it its full effect, by convincing us of sin, opening the heart to Christ, and making the scales of ignorance fall away. For we would know you as you are. Amen.

To Whom Shall We Go, and Where?

To whom shall we go, and where?
You have the words of life,
Our portion and our share;
Your flesh and blood, our fare.


Though all turn back and leave,
We stay to follow and serve;
It’s not that we’re naive,
But truly we believe.



Lord, we believe

Lord, we believe that you created the heavens and the earth and that you infuse both with your presence, working in every place to fulfill your will.

Nowhere can man go in the universe away from your presence. This is to us a great comfort and reassurance.

We place our lives in your hands, our future in your care, our faith in your promise.

We trust in you. Our faith is in the faithfulness of Christ. Take us to the end. Amen.


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