Monthly Archives: November 2014

When our mind is blank

Father, sometimes we find that our mind is blank. We don’t know what to say to others, what to pray, what to plan. It may be a momentary mental blackout, or a depressing phase of life. We’re thankful then that you hear even the simplest cries for help. We’re grateful that you accept us when we say, “God, I don’t know how to pray today, help me, show me!” Continue reading

The obligation of joy

Our heavenly Father, only under your hand, and only in Christ is it possible to receive a commandment as an obligation to be kept or observed as a joyful celebration of salvation. Thus did Mordechai order the Jews to observe Purim as a festive occasion, and so do we welcome the commands of Christ, to meet together, to serve in love, to forgive our brother, to speak the gospel, to give of our livelihood, to give thanks in our hearts.

Oh, what wisdom that mixes joy with obligation, and command with salvation! May you be praised and glorified among men!