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Believing Prayer exists to bring Christians together to pray to God for needs and opportunities. It’s a joint effort that believes that where two or three gather together in Jesus’ name, that he indeed hears our pleas.

Join us in this movement to coordinate our supplications and intercessions before a merciful God who wants his children to be constant and persevering in their requests. One way you can do that is by joining the site to get notices of the prayers. Another is by commenting, amening, sharing your prayers, and asking for prayers in the comments section.

If you use a prayer from the website in print, such as church bulletins or religious magazines, please attribute it to the author, if any is given, and to You may not change the title or text. Please use as is. We do not charge for reprints. We do expect the original work to be retained.

For websites, we would appreciate just linking to the specific webpage, rather than reproducing the text.

Many of our prayers and requests are appearing on United Prayer’s Twitter account. Join us there!

The beautiful background photo was taken by our friend Gerald Austin of Greeneville, Tenn. Our thanks to him for his permission to use it.

When not attributed, prayers and content are written by J. Randal Matheny.

(This site was originally called United Prayer, hosted on, until we acquired the domain name

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  1. Billie D. Cartwright

    2016-11-01 — 20:22

    Amen my brothers. His House is a House of Prayer!

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.

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