We have left another month in the year

calendar-dec-2013Eternal God over and beyond time, we have left another month in the year, if you do not send the Lord Jesus before then, and if you choose to give us life until then. May we snap up the opportunities you give us in these last days.

Savior of men, we are thankful that the Good News continues to reach more people. Let these new Christians be grounded well in the faith. May they understand the importance of faithfulness and their presence with the saints. May they use their gifts in the church and for the salvation of others.

As the Great Revealer of yourself, you have shown us in the Bible your magnificent plan of redemption. Let us take seriously our possession of Scripture. May we devote ourselves to it for what it is, your singular word. May we know it and obey it. May we cherish it as your expression and as your promise to those of us who hope in Christ.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.