From the tiniest atom to the most expansive galaxy

Father of spirits, you deserve all praise and glory for your wisdom and power, for your wondrous acts of creation, for the universe which operates according to your command.

From the tiniest atom to the most expansive galaxy, your intricate plan becomes clear. You have left nothing to chance. You care for humankind in remote space, in the ground beneath his feet, in the waters teeming with life.

The evidence you leave for your existence and for living according to your ways is overwhelming.

In Christ, also, are plain your love and justice. No stone was left unturned to provide for the redemption of man. All of the angelic hosts, while held back at the moment of suffering on the Cross, have been busily employed through the ages toward this end.

How great is your majesty, O God, how wonderful your name on earth and in heaven!

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.