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Lord, You Know

Lord, you know who needs the gospel truth,
To free them from the chains of Satan’s lies,
To live in perfect peace and certain hope,
To receive that purest love that never fails.

May I, O God, on hearing your surest word,
Know too who stands without the cleansing blood;
Give to your humble servant the courage of love
To speak the only message that saves the sinner.

How can I come near you?

How can I come near you, Lord, in the purity of your holiness? You explode all my senses with your powerful presence. I fall on my face, and fear overcomes me. Continue reading

Reverence in prayer

Ben G. asks us,”Do you remember this when praying?

A while ago, I heard a young person start of his prayer with, “Hey God! What’s up?!” When I heard that I just about fell over. I know prayer should be a deeply personal thing. But when we start talking to God like an equal, or like He is our ‘best bud’ at school or work, then maybe we need to reassess our mindset. Perhaps we need to have the attitude of the publican who wouldn’t even lift his eyes up to heaven because he was so aware of his sin (Luke 18:9-14).


Thank you for Christian friends

Thank you, Lord, for Christian friends who encourage us, provide us with cheerful companionship and brace us in our faith.

Thank you that we can share our joys and hurts together and be accepted and cheered and comforted.

Thank you for the sincere love and transparent honesty that help us grow in the body of Christ. Continue reading

Your word forever living

Your word forever living in my mind,
The Spirit shapes my heart, now Christ-defined,
Make me like him in word and work and will,
And every plan of faith for good fulfill.

Death you know, destruction, too

Inspired by Proverbs 15.11

Death you know, destruction, too,
No place beyond control or ken;
The heart’s an open book to you,
You know us all, without, within. Continue reading

Thy boon of blessing

Thy boon of blessing: money, body,
The tongue and power, these now a parody;
For mundane use has mankind made
These heavenly gifts and holy healings. Continue reading

What virtue in short supply?

What virtue is in short supply, O Lord, if not patience? In the world and in me, we want to see things happening now. And though I desire that even in the kingdom justice and fruit and virtue prevail (“thy kingdom come, thy will be done!”), teach me that you will act in your time and at your pace.

For patience is a lesson learned hard and slow.

Then again, you allow me to be impatient, so to speak, for the coming of my Savior. Our pray continues to be “Maranatha!” Our eyes continue to look upwards for his appearing.

Let us never leave off our desire to hurry up his day.

Serious in our spiritual assessments

Lord, just as we often get medical check-ups, with a battery of exams, a doctor’s evaluation, and treatment or medications afterwards to address problems that show up, let us be as serious in our spiritual assessments. Continue reading

Not intimidated

Let your people not be intimidated by those who oppose the Way. Let us speak boldly in love, through the power of the Spirit, to proclaim Christ as the only way to you.

Let our conduct be worthy of the gospel so that outsiders may have no ammunition to speak evil of the gospel. Continue reading

Make me fit to meet the day

Make me fit to meet the day,
To serve in mind and soul and body;
From early light to latest night,
To glory in God, and gladdening Spirit. Continue reading

A prayer for gospel preachers

Lord who cares for the church, bless your servants who dedicate themselves to teach and preach and guide the body of Christ. Uphold those who labor and preside and admonish the family of God. May they be esteemed for their work. Continue reading


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