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If man think ill

Teach me your ways, O Lord, that I
Might walk a holy man, and please
In every step, to satisfy
Your will, offering the kingdom’s keys
That  men to self might die;
I seek Your face — if man think ill,
So be it — Your Spirit on me spill.


In them You delight

Father, let that which is to you an abomination be also to me an odious thing; may I prize justice, righteousness, wisdom, and goodness, all of which flow from your hand, and in them you delight.

What have we done?

What have we done, O God?! Forgive our rebellion, remove our sin of self-enthronement!

Purify our hearts and motives. Purge our minds of wavering doubts.

Let love reign supreme. Let our devotion be single and exclusive.

Quick actions

Our heavenly Father, make our actions as quick as our words. Let us speak little and act with integrity.

Let us put away excuses and accept responsibility for our lives. Wake us to the consequences of our actions.

Help us choose those behaviors that show the earnestness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



Make us see with eyes of faith

Lord, make us see with eyes of faith your providence and care for your children, as you guide us in the ways of Christ.

Fix in our hearts the eternal purpose in Christ so that we may share it with others who flail about with no direction.

Deliver your people! Empower the nation that belongs to you! Care for them like a shepherd and carry them in your arms at all times! (Psa 28.9 NET).

We trust in your promise to do this. Amen.

Five tips for prayer

As Jehoshaphat was watching the enemy amass themselves against him, he turned to God in prayer (2 Chronicles 20). He was in a period where he was leading well and teaching his people to fear God, so God obliterates the enemy. Jehoshaphat’s reign was always either hot or cold in his relationship with the Lord – so why did God so completely respond to that prayer?

The Bible is full of tips on how to pray. Here are five:


Fit me for this rarest air

Christian poetry and prayers

None is good, O God, but you,
None unfailing, none so true,
Only justice from your throne,
Blessed to know and to be known.

Life unending in your light,
Gone are pain and earthly fright,
Death is banished from the street,
In its midst the righteous meet. Continue reading

The future, weary or fair

I know not on the morrow
What earthly joy or sorrow
May fall to me to bear,
The future, weary or fair.

As long as breath may tarry,
Whatever weight I carry,
No burden can compare
To heaven’s golden square.


The worst that can be said about a man

The worst that can be said about a man is that he’s godless, that you, my Lord, are absent from his life. Let it never be true of me.

Let nothing separate me from your presence. Let no one come between us. Let no love edge you out from my heart.

I wish to walk in your sight and please you in all things, to know your goodness and justice and mercy. I wish to be welcomed on that final day into the gates of heaven.

Keep me safe in your hand, O Lord, under the shadow of your wing. My weakness frightens me, but your strength steels me against the howling winds of worldliness.


The true use of wealth

Let our prosperity not separate us from you,
nor make us feel independent,
or in control of our lives,
but let us remember instead, O Lord,
to give you thanks for all good things,
to enjoy the bounty from your hand,
and to share with the needy,
and make wealth have its true use
for the gospel of Christ.

Let someone decide

Let someone decide to do your will today,
Let someone take his first steps in the Way,
Repentant sinners ready to submit
To Christ as Lord and for heaven to be made fit.

By constant movement bound

I can’t accomplish more than I can do,
This simple truth I’m prone, O Lord, to forget,
You know I’m not the one to warm a pew,
A thankful son forgiven his mountainous debt.

But let me not in tasks and jobs be drowned,
Nor think that busy work is specially blessed,
Save me from being by constant movement bound,
That spiritual men can never sit and rest.

Let me do all I can with all my powers,
And learn to serve the Lord the efficient way,
But teach me, too, the blessing of quiet hours,
As you of work relieved the seventh day.


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