We know the Bible comes from you

Lord God, the Bible is a marvelous book, full of power, wisdom, and mind-changing truths. We know it comes from you, perfect as it is, tailored to our need, complete in every way, and evidencing the unified thread of your redemptive purpose.

We love your word, O God! It is precious to us, and we meditate on it night and day. It removes our fears, resolves our doubts, wipes clean our sins, and ushers us into your very presence. Here we discover the eternal plan, we hear the mind of Christ, we see the holiness of daily life.

We resolve, O Lord, to let this book guide us, rule over us, determine our actions, purify our motives, and be the only message that we share with the world.

Thank you for putting the Bible in our hands and your truth in our hearts.

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