Prayer for the victims of the Boston marathon, and ourselves

God who controls heaven and earth,
Again, the bombs of terrorism have exploded,
Again, lives have been lost and hundreds injured,
The pleasure of competition turned into a field of war.

Save those who have been injured, O Lord,
Let your people offer hope,
May those who see no sense in this slaughter,
Understand that peace is far from the earth.

May the authorities take appropriate action,
Focused upon those who kill,
Not upon the innocent.

Help us to see that our own lives are at risk, O God,
As we run the marathon of faith,
With an enemy who lies in wait to attack,
Even near the finish line,
He would drop us in our tracks, if possible.

Let your people not hope in nations,
However necessary and needed the sword,
But let us place our trust in Christ,
As he who brings peace in his kingdom,
And comes to save those who wait on him.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.