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The gentle rain dampens the noise

Father, just as the gentle rain dampens the noise, let your kindness that descends from heaven suppress the world’s temptations and the strivings of the flesh.

As the light of day brightens the sky, let the knowledge of you and your benefits cheer our souls.

The wind makes us feel the air we cannot see. May your Spirit bring to us the comprehension of your love.

Hear, O God, my night’s confessions

For those sins that I recall,
That today I have committed,
Please, O Lord, forgive them all,
In the Blood to be acquitted.

Not for these alone I plead,
But for those unknown transgressions,
Cover all my ignorant need,
Hear, O God, my night’s confessions.

If you give another day,
May I live the Master’s orders,
By the Spirit’s holy sway,
Joyful in his ample borders.