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Pray before preaching

Texas preacher Jeff Jenkins encourages preachers to pray before they get up to speak. He provides a good list of things to pray about. His advice is good, developing in a wonderful way this thought:


Importance of prayer in sharing the gospel

Dewayne Bryant reminds us to pray for the lost:

All around us are people who do not know, or have not submitted to, Jesus Christ. As Christians, we understand the joyful blessings that are part of living a Christian life. We also understand the consequences of departing this life without knowing Christ. While there are many things we can do to reach the lost, we cannot forget about the importance of prayer as part of our efforts to share the gospel with others.

Read his whole article here.

3 distinctive characteristics of acceptable prayer

On Forthright Magazine, Mike Brooks offered these three facets of prayer, from reading the Lord’s prayer.

Note that there is no mention of posture, dress, directional orientation, or other physical requirements in our prayers. Christians are encouraged to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) but not a certain number of times per day. Paul mentions “lifting up holy hands” in prayer (1 Timothy 2:8). However, the acceptable prayer of the tax collector in Jesus’ parable was given “without so much as rais[ing] his eyes to heaven” (Luke 18:13).

Read the whole article here.

Thoughts for prayer strugglers

Chuck Webster shares some ideas for those (of us) who struggle with prayer. Worth one’s while. Among other things, he says,

Pray a really short prayer, or a really long one—it doesn’t matter. Some of your prayers will last about fifteen seconds as you walk the sidewalk to your front door in the evening. Others might last as long it takes you to fall asleep, or as long as the drive is to work or the grocery store. And then you’ll have some that are like the ones Jesus prayed when he went off into the wilderness—a time of uninterrupted, focused communion with the Lord. But whatever you do, don’t worry about the length. Pray from your heart . . . God hears the ten-second prayer just like he hears the thirty-minute one.

Charles Brown’s 11 suggestions for a better prayer life

Thanksgiving Day Prayer

On the Smithville TN church site, Charles Brown gives 11 suggestions on prayer. Here’s the first:

01 – PRAY MORE. The average Christian spends a very limited amount of time in prayer. We often reserve prayer for emergency use only. How much time would you estimate you spent in prayer yesterday? How much time last week? More Daniels are needed today (Dan 6: 10).

Read them all at this link.


What do you emphasize in prayer?

After noting what the newly crowned Solomon requested of God, Don R. wrote:

Did you take note of the things for which Solomon did not ask: riches, wealth, honor, the life of his enemies, and long life?

Those are the very things we want, and we strive earnestly to get them, but they elude us.

Yet, the Lord gave those things to Solomon because he gave the right emphasis in prayer, which truly showed his heart.

Read his short devotional at this link.

What do we mean by ‘Father in heaven’?

Mike Benson reflects on the meaning of “Father in heaven” when we pray.

I will speak for me. I probably need to spend more time thinking about what I’m actually saying in my private prayers.

“Father in heaven…”

If I am not very careful, the phrase may constitute little more than a thoughtless, repetitive habit.

Strangely enough, I don’t talk to my earthly father that way, but I tend to do so with my heavenly Father. Does he ever get weary of my redundancy?

What am I really saying when I articulate the words, “Father in heaven…”?

Read his whole article here on Forthright Magazine.

Reverence in prayer

Ben G. asks us,”Do you remember this when praying?

A while ago, I heard a young person start of his prayer with, “Hey God! What’s up?!” When I heard that I just about fell over. I know prayer should be a deeply personal thing. But when we start talking to God like an equal, or like He is our ‘best bud’ at school or work, then maybe we need to reassess our mindset. Perhaps we need to have the attitude of the publican who wouldn’t even lift his eyes up to heaven because he was so aware of his sin (Luke 18:9-14).


When do you pray?

So asks Michael Summers as he shares part of his prayer life on the run, literally.

I pray while I run. I run often, five or six days a week, usually for distances ranging from four to eight miles each day. I run on trails that, while paved, traverse hills. Animals also cross these trails. On a recent run, I encountered a family of screaming humans whose recreational walk had been halted by a snake slithering slowly across the trail. The trail runs along a narrow ridge between a river and man-made ponds. For these reasons, I run and pray with my eyes open.

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