A Christmas prayer

Heavenly Father, we are grateful for this fine day, surrounded as we are with good food, beloved friends and family, and the blessings of life in Christ. Whatever our trials and pains, we are grateful to be your children, disciplined by your love.

We thank you for the eternal hope that gives us joy in the present. We thank you for the faithfulness of Christ who brings us daily peace. We thank you for the knowledge and strength that comes from the Spirit. We thank you for the family of faith, who accepts us in our weakness and corrects our errors.

We are glad to share our blessings, Father, and especially the greatest one of all, your presence in our midst and in our hearts. Give us opportunities to proclaim Christ. Let us see every person who does not follow him as your desire for fellowship. Let material things not blind us to the spiritual need.

In our bounty, let us feel the need for growing to maturity. In our need, let us know the fullness of Christ. In our fullness, let us praise the God who contains heaven and earth in his hand.

Father, we praise you and sing about your great doings; we glorify you for realizing your plan of salvation in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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