Pray June 5 for church faithfulness

Many congregations are slipping away from the pattern the Lord set down in the New Testament for the body of Christ to follow. Influences from popular culture and from denominational religions are quickly moving many to abandon the will of God for his people.

Pray on June 5, at 16:00 UTC (11 a.m. CDT), that churches and Christians will submit themselves to the divine plan for faith and work, that they will resist the subtle pressures and pervading influences, that all will value faithfulness to God above acceptance by the world, that we will commit ourselves to understand the will of God and acting in wisdom for the salvation of as many as possible.

Please indicate in the comments area below your level of participation in this moment of united prayer:

• Yes, I’ll personally pray.
• Yes, I’ll pray and ask 10 others to pray as well.
• Yes, I’ll pray and our congregation will be praying also.

5 thoughts on “Pray June 5 for church faithfulness

  1. Steven Rasberry & Family

    Yes, I will pray also on this day. Everyone should keep in mind that this should be a part of our daily prayer. Jesus – “May Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”.

  2. Lovoy Sanders

    Yes, we will be praying for the church before, after and on June 5th. Lovoy & Erie Sanders


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