Keep us from confusion

Holy Father, keep us from confusing our own thoughts with any still, small voice we think comes from you, or with impressions considered to be of divine origin. Rather, let us meditate day and night on the Word, for these, far from vague inner voices, contain vigorous and specific truths that will change us and energize us.

Let us not be led astray, O God, with man’s interpretations of your revelation, with human attempts to read stars, signs, pebbles, or entrails, with bogus prophecies or different teachings.

Make us content with the holy Scriptures that show us Christ and point us in the Way of righteousness.

Let us not mistake the whisperings of Satan for the declarations of the gospel, nor the temptations to do wrong for a sign that you approve of our justifications.

Give us clarity of purpose, certainty of truth, confidence in your empowering presence. Amen.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.