Content but Wanting More

Content am I, O Lord, but wanting more
Of you and yours, of voices to adore
Your glorious Self — to be alone content,
And yet desiring men seek you, repent,
Discover fellowship, see kingdom growth,
The family swell who take eternal oath.

In Christ I feel both fully satisfied,
And hungry still, for workers at my side,
For greater gospel reach to stem the tide
Of wickedness. O God, send to the field
Your servants, that the hurting lost be healed,
That unprotected souls find you their shield.

What more need I? Your Word and Spirit fill
To overflowing. Make your blessings spill
To touch and draw to you the weeping heart
Which knows but pain, without a will to start.
Enlightened grace you share to call us friends —
Find us before our earthly journey ends.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.