Each day I desire you more

I seek your face, O Lord, above all else. No good in the world is so great as your presence. Nothing is so precious as the hope you give us. Each day I desire you more. I pursue your wisdom as others devote themselves fully to riches or power.

I fear you and love you in all things. It hurts my ears to hear others use your name in vain. But let me eschew lack of respect by obeying the Lord Jesus in all that he has commanded.

Keep me from usurping authority and doing things my own way. Let ambition die a quick death. Remove selfishness far from me. I choose knowledge of your ways rather than refusing to understand your wisdom. Show me the path of humility, rather than the foolishness of pride.

Bless me, O Father, as I devote myself to your wonderful news of Jesus Christ. And make me be a blessing to many.

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