Early every day I’m pleading

Early every day I’m pleading,
Save me, Lord, your help I’m needing:
Satan lies to assail me, waiting,
Tempting, biding, luring, baiting.

Choosing paths to follow faithful,
On my tongue are praises grateful,
In your good commandments running,
In the light of glory sunning.

Power to be and do from heaven,
Power to change and work as leaven,
Power to know your kind instruction,
Yours for purpose, fruitful action.

Ways before me open, beckon,
With the holy choice to reckon,
Make my heart desire sincerely,
See your statutes truly, clearly.

Throne and sun and saints unfettered,
By the Holy Spirit lettered,
Sweep us up to sweet affection,
Awed and swayed by your perfection.

Done with war against your rival,
Down with needs for a day’s revival,
Now is rest from earth’s endeavor,
Songs of praise be ours forever.


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