May the election cause a change of heart

Lord God of heaven, who rules the affairs of men, bless the newly chosen president of the US with wisdom, discernment, desire for peace, to promote freedom of religion, movement, activity, and expression.

May the new president choose the government’s cabinet and counselors wisely.

May the election cause a change of heart, a moment of reflection upon past sins and immoralities. Not only in the president-elect, but in many others as well.

Upon taking office, may the American leader pursue policies that will promote justice and righteousness among the people.

Father, the US has great influence in the world still. Let it promote good will and peace.

And let all your people in every nation remember that you sent your Son to be Savior of the world, particularly of those who believe in him. Let us remember that, like him, we have been sent into the world to proclaim freedom from sin and reconciliation to every creature, great and small.

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