The enemy goes for the heart

O God of every power, we are in the trenches, in the heat of battle, with shouts of war in our ears. No mountaintop retreats for us! No luxury cruise with calm waters and placid scenes! Around us fall weakened soldiers. And the blood of martyrs runs thick in the dark dungeons of persecution. The enemy goes for the heart. A thousand arrows would topple our faith. The lord of evil does not relent.

Save us, Lord Jesus, hear our cries for rescue! Traitors abound, cowards flee, lukewarm souls act as if no conflict rages. Shall we be hemmed in, our little band surrounded, our hope strangled, our gospel quashed by the noise of Satan’s hordes? Is the word of truth bound and gagged?

Release your Spirit, repulse the false friends working with devious means, call down the legions of angels to battle the love of this world. May the Lord of armies win by the breath of his mouth, by the fire of his eyes, by the sword of his word.

Save us, mighty God, for your eternal glory.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.