Every day unique

Father, just as every person is different from all the other human beings who have ever lived, or who will ever exist, so every day brings its own uniqueness.

Help me to know how to rejoice in these daily varieties and to see in them the richness of your goodness.

Show me the special opportunties that each day brings, the challenges that I face, the people and their thoughts and feelings at this point in time.

Let me be aware.

Sometimes it seems that the days are repetitive, but so many details are different: food, sleep, work, people, weather, events, timing. Such things come together to make today a far different one than all the others that have come before. With those differences come great blessings!

And, Lord, I look forward to that eternal day that will be different not only in detail but in kind.

2 thoughts on “Every day unique


    Thank.you for this prayer. I struck my heart in a different way for which I am thankful.

    1. James Randal Matheny Post author

      Hi, Lois, thanks for your comments here and elsewhere. Appreciate your visit. God bless. Would love to have you as a subscriber.


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