Our failures a reason to plow ahead

Our Father who reigns from heaven, we try and fail; we make the effort and fall short; in spite of doing our best, we stumble and leave so much undone.

Help us to keep from making our failures a reason for quitting.

Make us see that our failures are even more reason to plow ahead in the faith, to stubbornly strive for the Kingdom, to take the next step, and the next, and the next.

We ask forgiveness, O Lord, for our sins; we need the cleansing that only Jesus’ blood can provide; we confess our need.

Shore up our weak points; strengthen our fallen hands; put a bounce back in our step.

Let your joy return to us. Settle your peace upon us. Surround us with your love, so that it may irradiate outward to all.

Thank you for your faithfulness to your people.

4 thoughts on “Our failures a reason to plow ahead

  1. Karen

    Dear Father,
    This prayer just prayed was for me. Maybe not just me, but me. Thank you for healing me and forgiving me of all the times in my past when I rejected you, or hurt you, or blatantly sinned against you by doing wrong things. I am so very sorry for those and other sins I probably don’t even know about or remember. I know you have forgiven me, but at this point, I am not able to forget those sins and put them behind me. You have forgiven me, but help me to forgive myself. I need You to help me with that, Father. Please.

    I am so honored and humbled that You came to rescue me when I was in the darkest pit of my life. I need you, Lord. I need you to help me not to fall away again or go the wrong path again. Keep my feet on the right path. I love you, Father. I want to show you I love you by being who you want me to be. But I need your help to do even that. I feel weak and broken. I give up everything, Father. I surrender my life to you to do with as You see fit. Help me to keep this commitment. Thank you for loving me.
    In Jesus name…


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