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Were it not for you, the journey would be too much

What a glorious day, our God and Savior, to be alive, to walk with you, to enjoy the hope of eternal life! Make us to be a blessing to others, as you have blessed us. Shine upon us! Shine upon your people! Shine upon those who groan in darkness!

Let us be as concerned to purify ourselves from immorality and the prevailing evil as were the Israelites to remove mold, stains, and uncleanness from among them.

Show us how to respect your will and observe your commandments in every way, without adding anything to them or taking anything away from them. Help us to preserve among us your law of liberty, your word of truth, that the power of your Spirit might remain within us.

So that you might work mightily among us, Lord, we consecrate ourselves. We draw near to you. We listen to the words of the Lord our God. We know that you are among us because your drive out from us all evil desire and give us power to win over temptation.

You provide us with every need, with rest and food and shelter. Were it not for you, the journey would be too much for us, the effort too great. You refresh us, and we depend upon you for our strength. Come to us, O Lord, and renew us!

To fear you is wisdom, and this we pursue. Make us wise, not in our own eyes, but by your grace. To turn from evil, this is understanding, and make our decision firm, our repentance real, our commitment ever greater to be your people of light.

Trouble is often near, our Father. Do not be distant from us. We have no helper but you. Do not forsake us. We seek your face.

Keep us from those things you hate, O God. Preserve us in your way. Because of you our souls will live. Give our spirits rest, restore us, and give us life.

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