Let our fear of you lead us

Let our fear of you, O Lord, lead us to draw near rather than shrink back. Keep us from treating you with lack of reverence. May your holiness pull us to you as we recognize your power and might and understand that you alone are God.

We may do without many things in this world, but to be deprived of your presence would be our end.

Let our fear of you inspire in us a sound obedience to your commands. May we know you in truth as the God of goodness and severity, love and judgment, mercy and justice. Keep before us both your desire to forgive as well as your demand to live righteously.

No material good, no human relationship, no earthly accomplishment can satisfy us as can your reign in our hearts. Come fill us with your Spirit, that we may know the fullness of Christ!

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.