Fill my heart

Heavenly Father, fill my heart, so that nothing else may occupy that space. Take complete control, O God, of my being.

Keep me from divided loyalties. Let no interest, passion, love, or addiction pull parts of me away. I put all of my life under your sovereignty.

Let love of words not keep me from the reality of you.

May fear of losing control not prevent me from complete submission to your will.

Transform my desire for independence into a decision for joyful surrender to your care.

When I fear intimacy, draw me closer into your embrace.

Make the certainty of your goodness overwhelm the doubts I so much cherish.

Melt my insistence upon self-preservation and self-promotion into a single concern for your glory and your Name.

Explode my smallish dreams, that they might make way for your eternal purpose.

I accept, Father, the fullness of Christ that he might fill me with the love and grace and majesty of your presence.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.