Give Me Voice, Almighty

inspired by a prayer by Hans Denck in
The One Year Book of Personal Prayer, Mar. 12

O God, by what contorted turn of fate
That in this world your Name is high and great,
Impoverished world! Materialistic mind!
Creation sings your glory, but man is blind,
And though you loudly call, none can hear,
Nor can an earthling feel you, though you are near;
You give yourself to all, by none are you known,
Man flees, and turns, and runs, remains alone.
Give me voice, Almighty, and swifter feet,
That by the gospel might man his Maker meet.

1 thought on “Give Me Voice, Almighty

  1. Marcio

    My Grandmother had a worry box…she would open this pretty liltte tin every night and caress the velvet lining. Then she would explain to any inquisitive child standing nearby that it was where she placed her worries of the day so that God could handle it. This brought back a memory so vivid that I had to share it with you…thanks for the memory!hugsSandi


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