You are God, the Lord of life

You are God, the Lord of life,
Yahweh, the Eternal is your name,
You were, you are, will ever be,
No turning shadow, e’er the same.

Our Rock and Shield, you will defend
Both now and in the eternal day,
Our daily bread and blessings send,
Come to our aid without delay.

When heights around us shake and fall,
In Christ our Lord we firmly stand;
Rejoicing in your gracious call,
We’re safe forever in your hand.

With idols you no glory share,
Our God is one, all power and might;
No other can with you compare—
Creator God of love and light.

2 thoughts on “You are God, the Lord of life

  1. John

    This is a great poem and a great lyric. I thought of a melody, but having a little trouble getting it on paper.

    1. J. Randal Matheny

      Thank you, John. I had a little tune trying to pop out while I was writing, but attention to the words kept it from forming. Also, I’m not so great on music.


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