The only human government that can be just

Lord, the only human government that can be just is one that reflects your truth and wisdom. Many nations, and the world at large, are in turmoil. Wars, protests, violence, oppression, and injustice abound.

On the one hand, O God, we have no solutions, no immediate fixes for such confusion and tumult.

On the other hand, heavenly Father, we know that only when many individuals turn to you can governments reflect the godliness of the people.

And in the midst of bad administration and corruption, we as your people know to trust in your government, which is perfect, timely, and just. We know to submit ourselves to authority, no matter how bad, because even the bad is better than chaos and anarchy.

In times of crisis, Lord, we ask you to remind us of your sovereignty, of your will for us as people of good will and obedience, and of your plan to redeem all people through the proclamation of the gospel. Let us not forget our task.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.