Grateful for improvements to life, increase the fear of you

God who cares for the smallest detail of creation, thank you for the many improvements to life that we enjoy in our world. How much prosperity so many of us enjoy! What a privilege to live in these days of convenience and increasing options.

We are grateful that poverty has decreased in the world, but we are aware that many still lack basic necessities of life.

We pray, O Lord of all resources, that people may be free to choose economic activities and thereby increase their standard of living. Bring economic and political freedom to all nations.

But most of all, heavenly Father, bring spiritual freedom to the world; increase the fear of you in man; widen the reach of the gospel to the lost; improve the spiritual life of Christians; provide for eternal life through your people, so that every person may follow Christ; awaken your church to its one and only task, that of saving souls.

For what good are material benefits that will soon end when Jesus comes back to usher in the day of judgment? Keep our sights set on him!

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