Believing Prayer

Make it happen, Lord

Make it happen, Lord, that I might breathe
The air of holiness, the scent of joy;
To freeze the fleeting hour, frustrate the thief
Of time by eternal acts that fill the void.

Make it happen, O God, so earthly groans
Give way to shouts of praise on sight of Christ;
That nations’ wars might cease, and dusty bones
Arise from the grave, and heavenly fruits suffice.

Make it happen, our Savior — every knee
To bow to Jesus, every tongue to confess
The blessed Name and every eye to see
Your good and perfect sovereign will’s success.

Make it happen, my Father — growth in faith,
Increasing hope, expanding joy, and love
That knows no bounds, works of eternal weight,
And words of grace immersed in Jesus’ blood.


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    • James Randal Matheny

      2015-03-21 — 17:36

      Hey, thanks for taking the time to make that comment. I don’t recall if I had a reason for not including a like button, or it was just an oversight. Will consider this. (I assume you like it …)

    • James Randal Matheny

      2015-03-21 — 17:38

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