Make it happen, Lord

Make it happen, Lord, that I might breathe
The air of holiness, the scent of joy;
To freeze the fleeting hour, frustrate the thief
Of time by eternal acts that fill the void.

Make it happen, O God, so earthly groans
Give way to shouts of praise on sight of Christ;
That nations’ wars might cease, and dusty bones
Arise from the grave, and heavenly fruits suffice.

Make it happen, our Savior — every knee
To bow to Jesus, every tongue to confess
The blessed Name and every eye to see
Your good and perfect sovereign will’s success.

Make it happen, my Father — growth in faith,
Increasing hope, expanding joy, and love
That knows no bounds, works of eternal weight,
And words of grace immersed in Jesus’ blood.


7 thoughts on “Make it happen, Lord

  1. donevy

    you need a ‘like’ button. I know everyone wants ‘comments’ but somedays all I have time for is a very quick ‘like’.

    1. James Randal Matheny Post author

      Hey, thanks for taking the time to make that comment. I don’t recall if I had a reason for not including a like button, or it was just an oversight. Will consider this. (I assume you like it …)

    2. James Randal Matheny Post author

      Well, I’m seeing the Like button here, it has been turned on already. Just below the Share buttons. are you not seeing it?


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