Help us to help the helpless

Like you, heavenly Father, we want to care for those for whom society has no use: the elderly, the orphans, the unborn, the emotionally disturbed, the disabled. Help us to help the forgotten, the neglected, the discarded. For you, every soul is of equal value. Every person is made in your image. Let each individual be precious to us as well.

Help us to give priority to those of the family of faith. We want to take care of our own among us, especially. Let us not neglect the needs of those who share with us the same faith.

Father, bless those who work in areas of service to the elderly and to children without parents or with dysfunctional families. Bless those who work in the inner city. Bless those brothers and sisters who help people struggling with personal issues.

Make us into the true family which follows Christ, breathes the air of the Spirit, feeds upon your word, and loves with a perfect love.


Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.