Come out from hiding

My life is hidden in Christ, O Lord, and for this protection and security I am grateful. But let me not hide my gifts from you; rather, help me put them into service for your kingdom. Neither let me hide the light of truth, but help me to shine it as brightly as possible in this world of darkness.

Keep me from shame and fear, that might cause me to hide my faith, when the moment calls for confession of my Lord Jesus Christ.

Give me courage also not to hide my faults, but to confess them before you and, when appropriate, before my family in Christ.

Let me not hide my love for others by failing to express it in word and action.

Help me to come out from hiding in those things where I need to reveal, share, and make known, assured that my risking cannot put in danger my security in the Spirit.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.