I confess the Lord Jesus Christ

Most holy and righteous God, the story of Jesus motivates us to abandon our sins and accept the offer of forgiveness. No story is so touching, so moving, so disturbing, as his. No message reaches us on so many levels as the Good News. Here is the change and hope we’ve been searching for!

Live in me that my life and message might motivate others, tapping into the power of the story of Jesus. Make my words forceful and loving, urgent and concerned. Let me not hold back when it comes to speaking to others of their need for salvation, for purpose, for the true and deepest joy of life.

I confess the Lord Jesus Christ! I speak of him to all! I announce his coming to those who are still asleep!

Thank you for this message of reconciliation and for making us your agents of conversion of many.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.