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8/6 Praise in Anxiety

Sun, 06 Aug 2017 09:55:17 GMT

Dear Father, It's 4:22 A.M. and I've been awake a while now. I keep thinking about things I need to do, things I've done, and things I don't need to do. My worries come out to tease me. I feel out of control, and again I find myself crying out to you for help and deliverance. Does my anxiety serve a purpose? It does keep me closer to you. Other than that, I can see no purpose. Is it chemical? spiritual? mental? Am I always going to deal with this problem? These are questions to which only you have the answers. Doctors don't know; all they want to do is give me pills, and I don't want pills. You will get this under control, Father. You will not let this condition dominate my life. As King David did in times of anxiety, I will continue to praise you. I praise you for my very life, for the blessings of family and friends, for supplying all my needs, and for the knowledge you love me enough that you sent your son to die for me. Praise to you, Father, and to Jesus, and the Holy Spirit! Thank you for everything you have given me. Praise you for peace and calm in the midst of my storms. That no matter how violently the winds howl and beat against my mind, spirit, and body, you will keep me safe. I will not be lost.