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9/18/17 Control

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 09:56:39 GMT

Dear God, I rejoice in your love and salvation. I praise you for your providence and goodness. Thank you that you have put loving brothers and sisters in my path to guide and help me. I am blessed. Thank you that it still saddens me when I hurt you. That you haven't allowed my heart to become hardened. I rejoice that when I spiritually ran away, you loved me enough to find me and bring me back home. You watched over me all those years of wandering and protected my soul from death. Thank you for your grace toward me. I confess to you, Father, that I try to control my own life. I need help with this problem. Somehow, I've thought I could do it better than you. I've tried to figure everything out and find my own answers to problems. That hasn't worked out so well. I've become overwhelmed and depressed. Tired. You are my King and my Lord, and your ways are so above mine that I cannot even imagine your plans for me. Help me to surrender the song says. To give up trying to fix everything. I can't fix me, God. I can't. Help me to let go and just let you love me and take care of me as you want to do. ❤️