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9/29/17 Hef

Sat, 30 Sep 2017 02:16:51 GMT

Dear God, I rejoice for this day of precious life. Never let me forget the value of a single day nor the value of seeing a beautiful sunset, nor even the value in my ability to feel emotional and physical pain. God, I don't understand how people can just turn their backs on you, but that's also what I did. Me. I put you on that cross as much as Hugh Hefner or the worst criminal in the world. You didn't just die for those made famous by sin. You died for me. You also died for countless other good people who never knew you, who weren't the Hugh Hefners but just housewives, farmers, teachers, and ordinary people. Many have died without you, and that echos a profound sadness. Help us as Christians to reach a lost world, Father. Help us to lead the dying to salvation. Show us what to do. Thank You for the blood of Jesus that covers our sin, for his resurrection, for breaking our chains and giving freedom to our souls. Help us to live in that freedom and release our anxieties and burdens to Jesus. My own life is often troubled and I ask for peace and rest for my spirit. I want to be a conduit of help for others who are hurting, but I cannot adequately do that if I am hurting so badly myself. I need your healing and encouragement. Help me with making the decisions that are troubling me. Solidify my beliefs with truth where I am wavering or wrong. Give me strength and courage, and a rested mind. In all things, Your will be done, Lord. I give you all praise, honor, and glory.