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Clear Paths

Sat, 09 Sep 2017 09:22:41 GMT

Thank you Father for loving me so much that you came to me at this early hour this morning to show me the way again. I praise you for giving light to my path, and for making my way clear again. I've made a lot of mistakes lately, and I have felt your discipline. But I know as any good Father disciplines his children, your disciple has been good and loving, and helped me to grow in knowledge and truth. I'm lost without you, Father; thank you that you always come to me when I feel as though things are starting to fall apart. That you comfort and hold me. You reminded me this morning that if I keep my eyes on you, my path will be clear, and I won't stumble over obstacles the enemy puts in my way. Help me to do that, Father. Thank you for your immense patience with me as I grow in my relationship with you. I love you, God. Please forgive my sins, and purify my heart. I want to be holy, but I don't stand a chance by my own efforts. It's only because of Jesus th at I can be holy before you. You are my healer and my deliverer. My defender when the enemy condemns. I praise and worship you, my awesome God