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Fri, 24 Mar 2017 02:41:40 GMT

Dear God, I'm so excited that Katie and I may get to do a mission trip next December. It seems unreal that we may be doing this, but you are so awesome God, and good to us. You allow us to do this trip to help others, but really we are receiving so much more than we are giving. Just being in another country with Christians whom we've not met sounds incredible. We want to really help while we are there, so I pray you will provide the exact jobs we need to do. It sounds like you already have, as making a garden will be something we both will love to do, and it will be helpful. We have one hurdle to go, and that is getting permission from Katie's dad. I pray that if it is your will that we go, that he will say yes. If he doesn't then I will assume we aren't meant to go this year, and wait for your timing. Whatever, your will be done (but we really want to go, Father) :-) But you know that, so we leave it up to you. If we receive permission to go, I pray you will show us good ways to raise the rest of the money we need for our tickets. I hope this isn't a silly prayer, Father. I don't think we are only supposed to talk to you when things are "heavy". You want us to share everything with you, and as a good Father, you want us to ask you when we want or need something. Thank you for being a loving Father, for giving me rest and deliverance. Thank you that I can laugh again, and that my heart feels full of light with all the dark corners cleaned out. I love you, Lord.