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Feeling like Corinth

Tue, 11 Jul 2017 20:53:32 GMT

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for another day of life and opportunity to make things around me a little better. Thank you that I have less pain today, that I can walk more comfortably, and slept well last night. I pray for those friends and family members who are experiencing pain or illness of any kind whether physical, spiritual, or emotional. Heal them by your mighty power. Soften all our hearts toward each other and especially toward Jesus in whom all our hope for healing and salvation lies. Lord, I ask that you touch the lives of my friends whose marriage is shattered by infidelity. Bring the wife encouragement by Your Holy Spirit. Lead her and guide her in even the smallest of tasks and give her the ability to cope with a life that has suddenly been turned upside down. I plead for your peace in their home, Lord Jesus. I ask that you bring the husband to true repentance and restoration. I pray the wife will remember the things she has learned about forgiveness through your Word, and be able to apply it to the betrayal she is feeling. Help her release all hurt a nd anger into your hands. Help me to be of help and comfort to her, to say the right things. Help me to remember that I am human and also vulnerable to sin, and need to be on the alert as temptations come my way. Forgive all our sins as we strive to live as you have shown us to do. Be with the 2nd St. family. Bless and protect us all from spiritual wolves. Help the leaders make godly decisions. Heal hurt feelings and mend broken friendships. Help any who disagree with each other to do do in a godly manner. Help us all to share your good news of salvation, and to not forget that is our sole purpose for being here...not to please ourselves. Clean us up, Father, of any sin in our camp. Expose it, and heal it. Shut the mouths of those spreading slander or gossip about any brother or sister, and remind them that such action is not of the kingdom of God. Keep us in your loving hands for without you we are nothing.