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Wed, 25 Apr 2018 03:30:20 GMT

Dear God, I seem so often to be spiritually flying full speed, and if I start slowing down, my plane (emotions, energy level, joy, etc.) goes into a nosedive. If I can't pull back up, I usually crash in some way. That's the best way I can describe my life when I try to use my own power rather than relying on You. I should have recognized the signs; I can't believe things still slip up on me as many times as I have "been there". Sadness, stress, self-pity, confusion, guilt. When You are in charge, and my thoughts are focused on Jesus and the needs of others rather than my own, I am joyful, relaxed, rested, and mentally clear. I know my sins are covered. I do not doubt. Sometimes I do not even realize I am slipping until I find myself in the throes of the enemy. It's time to bring out and shine up that Armor in Eph. 6:10-18.