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Mon, 03 Apr 2017 23:23:38 GMT

Dear God, I need to talk to you tonight about forgiveness. First of all, I ask that you please forgive me of any sin in my life of which I am unaware. I know I must do things all the time that don't line up with your desire for me. I also ask that you forgive those sins for which I am aware. Thank you for forgiving me, and for the blood of your Son that continually cleanses me. Father, I have been wrestling with forgiving others who have hurt me in the past. I still have emotional damage from some of those things. A part of me wants to hold on and think I have a right to keep the anger and hurt. But, God , you have healed me from so many things, and taken away my pain and replaced it with indescribable peace and Joy. You have made me a new creation. I can't continue to have these bad feelings inside me because they are so opposite of who you are. Jesus, I can no longer harbor bitterness, hate, or anger toward anyone who hurt me when I look at the wounds you received for me. You endured so much suffering and pain for me so that one day I could be saved. You knew befo re I was born, didn't you, God? You knew that I would go through a lot of suffering in my life, and you were thinking of my eternal salvation when you died. Jesus, my heart hurts for the love you had for me and how much you suffered. Because of what you did...because you took my own pain with you to the cross, I want to forgive everyone who ever hurt me. You know who these people are. Some are dead, and some are still alive. I forgive them all, Father, and I release them to you to deal with as you know best. I don't know if it is possible, but if so, I ask that you don't hold these sins against them on my account. If they are still alive, help them to repent and turn to you. If not, I ask that you be merciful to them as you were to me. Help me not to look back and retake anything that I have released to you. I love you so much. You are my God and my redeemer.