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Hard Discipline

Tue, 29 Aug 2017 05:20:51 GMT

Dear God, Thank you that I can come to you tonight, and know that it is YOU. You are still there with me. Your Holy Spirit is still the same Spirit who came to live inside me at my baptism. There was an imposter trying to take up residence in my mind and heart, but You kicked him out. You've shown me that something false was pretending to be You. I don't know if it is something I made up in my own head, or if it was the enemy deceiving me with a lie, but you did not allow the lies of the false spirit to take up permanent residence within me. You protected me. I am so thankful that You love me that much! You are jealous for me, just like Your Word says, and you did not allow your affection toward me to be marred by a lie. Thank you for your deliverance! Thank you for loving me that much. I am so sorry that I was upset with you...that I doubted you. I'm sorry that I have avoided you. I have sinned. I didn't understand. I thought you had left me, but you didn't leave me, and you won't ever leave me. I'm sorry that my faith has been so shallow and immature that I felt I needed something times a special prayer talk with you. You were always right there, listening to my heart, praying for me. I didn't need words of any kind in those times when I couldn't pray. Not in my language nor an unknown one. Your Holy Spirit was already praying for me. He had me covered the whole time. Father, PLEASE FORGIVE ME for my recent attitude toward you, for being angry and hurt. For not recognizing that in the hard discipline you were showing your love toward me by protecting me from spiritual lies. You allowed me to be hurt in order to save my spiritual life. I know you didn't enjoy seeing me suffer. You loved me enough To pull me out of those lies, but you kept me from being spiritually and emotionally crushed from the experience. Praise you for that! Help me to repent and not look back. I know you are helping me in this transition. I know you are renewing my mind. I love you, God. ❤️ Please continue to be with me as the song says, every hour. I do need you as this journey continues.