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I need your help, God

Mon, 23 Jan 2017 19:53:26 GMT

Dear God, I have to admit that I am feeling defeated today. I know today is just one battle, but I feel so tired. I know in my heart that you are with me. I know your Holy Spirit will not let anything happen to me, but my body and mind argue against that truth. I fear my moods will turn away my friends and I will be abandoned again. They ask me what's wrong and I say "nothing" because I don't want to lose them. I have asked for their prayers so many times that I fear they get tired of me. I want to isolate so no one will see how I am feeling. But I know I can't do that. Without fellowship and my brothers and sisters, I would not make it. I know this is an attack from the enemy, or maybe it's my own mind. I can't tell the difference today. I feel physically like Lupus might be flaring again; I'm not sure. These feelings are taking me captive today, God, and I don't seem to have the strength to fight them. Help me, Father, because only you know the source of my problem. Be my defender again, God, because I need you. Please rebuke any spiritual enemy trying to harm me an d place a hedge of protection around me. Please forgive any sin I have committed, and let me feel the joy of your Holy Spirit in my heart today. I love you God, and I trust in you. All my hope is in Jesus. I pray in the name of my Lord Jesus,

Mon, 23 Jan 2017 23:11:14 GMT

Beautiful prayer.