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King David

Sat, 04 Nov 2017 03:16:17 GMT

11/3/17 Dear God, Thank you for King David. Thank you that Your Word does not sugar-coat his life, but reveals all the good, bad, and ugly. It makes me feel better, God, to know he was a man with so many problems, yet he still loved You with his whole heart. You loved him, too, Father. You loved his heart. I relate to King David. We both like to write to You. We both have frequent ups and downs, and know You are our only source of real comfort and relief. We both sin and fail at many things, yet we both ask Your forgiveness and try to repent. We both cry out for Your help in hopeless situations. But we are also different in many ways. I do not have the courage and boldness he had. I am not as brave in facing the giants in my life as he was facing Goliath. I want my love for You to be as strong and true as David wrote about in his psalms. My heart actually hurts when I think of how much You love me, and how I long to return that love. But my love will never measure up to the love You have shown me. Your love has no boundaries. Father, someday I want to meet King Dav id. I want to tell him how much he has helped me. I want to ask him if he even remembers the struggles he had on earth. Somehow I don't think either of us will.