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Sat, 04 Mar 2017 20:02:29 GMT

Father, I praise you and worship you as the only true God. You are Holy and just and abounding in mercy when we call on you. You are light and in you is no darkness, yet we as humans tend to flee to the darkness when we have sinned. Just like Adam and Eve, we think we can somehow hide from you. Don't let me flee to darkness when I need you the most. Help me to go to your light, to your throne of mercy through the grace of my Lord Jesus when I need to ask your forgiveness. I can think of many people who need to do that simple act of turning back to you, but to them it doesn't seem easy. The enemy convinces them it's too hard and that you don't love them. He blinds and confuses them. Open the eyes of all our hearts, God, so that we can see you are waiting with open arms to welcome us home. I especially pray for Darian, Ellen, and Taylor. Please bring them back to your church.