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Like David

Mon, 17 Jul 2017 02:19:52 GMT

***Psalm 42:5-8 Dear God, Thank You for your servant David and how he encourages us by making a decision to praise You regardless of how he may feel at the time. He tells his despairing soul to hope in You (v.5). He remembers the way You have been with him in the past (v6), and that You are his savior (v.5) and with him now. He will know Your loving kindness in the day, and hear Your song over him in the night time (v.8). I want to be like David when I go through trials, Lord. I don't want to complain, doubt, despair, or fear that you will leave me. I know you are always with me, you never let go. Like David, help me to remember that you have saved me, that you are my protector by day, and at night, even as I sleep, you are singing to me. You cover me with your love, and my heart leaps for joy when I think of spending eternity with you. All my hope is in you. I love you, Lord. ❤️