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One More Day

Wed, 14 Jun 2017 05:14:16 GMT

Father, I'm so tired tonight. I'm weary from worrying and from trying to fix things over which I have no control. Forgive me for trying to be You in my circumstances; for trying to handle things by myself. That is never a good option for me. Show me how to lay down the things that are bothering me. How to give them to you. There is this song, "I Need Thee Every Hour", and it's so true, God. I do need you every hour. Actually even more than that. I'm not ashamed that I need you so much. I consider it a blessing. It keeps me close to your side, exactly where I need to be. How do people live without You? How can they live without your love? How did I live without you before you came to me? Before you saved me? It's hard for me to remember how bad those times were. I never want to go back. I would be so alone if you weren't here, Lord. My soul would wither and die. You are with me when I cry in private, and when I try to hide things from others so they think I'm OK. I don't have to hide things from you. I can be honest. You forgive my sins and make me whole ag ain. When I am not strong enough, you protect me in my weakness. You rebuke the enemy who tries to condemn me for my failures. Each day you show me how to keep holding on one more day. One more day is all I need, God, if you are with me.